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Mechanical engineers yet again eye the 'Get a Girlfriend' resolution for 2019

31, Dec 2018 By Guest Patrakar
Mumbai. The year is about to end and so are the resolutions of people. Everyone is hopeful that may be next year they will be blessed to complete their resolutions. Talking about being hopeful, mechanical engineers are hopeful that may be in 2019 they will be blessed with a girlfriend.
Our correspondent talked to one of the mechanical engineers about this who said, “Right from joining mechanical branch one thing we all have been deprived of is a girlfriend. Every year we make a resolution that this year we will get a girlfriend and every year we fail to do so. But we are hopeful that may be this year we will finally lose our singlehood.” When asked if he is also hopeful of getting a job, he started crying and left the interview.
Apart from mechanical engineers there are many other people who are ready with bizzare new year resolutions. For eg, South Delhi girls are hopeful that they will not talk to vegetable vendors in English, Aggarwals are hopeful of finding a different job than opening a sweets shop and UP youngsters are hopeful of looking for an alternative career option than UPSC.
Every year crores of resolutions are taken on 31st December and are broken on 2nd of January. But we are hopeful that may be next year people will follow their resolutions till the very end.