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Metro services come to a stop in Delhi as boy offers seat to fellow passenger

18, Jul 2015 By avinashbhati

New Delhi: Metro services came to a standstill today when a young boy, Mohit Setalelo, offered his seat to another passenger.

Delhi Metro disrupted after the 'seat offering' incident
Delhi Metro disrupted after the ‘seat offering’ incident

According to eyewitness, Kamlu Berojgaar, “Everthing was looking fine as usual. The metro was crowded, people were pushing each other and people were fighting for space. Then suddenly something unprecedented happened. A boy got up and offered his seat to a fellow passenger. From that moment there was chaos in the compartment and the train had to be stopped to quell the pandemonium. People were just too shocked to see someone offer their seat.”

This incident quickly went viral as passengers were seen taking pictures of the boy and sharing it on social media. Some were also seen taking selfies.

News channels with their OB vans had queued outside the metro station to get a glimpse of Mohit Seatlelo. Some also requested him to be a part of their news debate.

Mohit meanwhile was himself shocked and wanted to find out the reason why he was being treated like a celebrity. Our reporter spoke to Mohit and he said, “I was sitting for quite some time and when I saw an elderly fellow passenger standing next to me I thought of offering my seat to him. I don’t know why people are over-reacting.”

Regular passengers have said that this is something historic and it has never happened before. Passengers literally fight for their seats and offering your hard earned seat to someone is something unthinkable on Delhi metro.

Not to be left behind political parties were seen cashing in on this event. AAP’s Kejriwal promised Mohit free Wi-Fi while Rahul Gandhi hailed the boy as a hero and promised him a Bharat Ratna if Congress came to power in the next elections.