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Middle-aged man sees girl's bra strap, doesn't get offended

31, May 2017 By itsmihir1993

In what could be the first-of-its-kind incident in India, a middle-aged man, Bhaskar, travelling in the Delhi Metro avoided “educating” a 26-year-old lady travelling in the same coach when her bra strap was showing. The lady, completely unaware of the fact that her undergarment had peeped out of her attire, quickly managed to hide it but not before Bhaskar, 42, saw it. Afraid of getting educated on mannerisms from the man, she did not look into his eyes and swiftly got off the metro on the next station. 

3 Eye-witnesses said that the situation was tense like it is at the borders during war times. “It had been almost three minutes that he saw her bra strap but kept mum. He could have lost it any moment. We were all very scared,” said a 22-year-old girl travelling in the same coach. Recalling one such incident, she said, “When I was 15 and wore a bra for the first time, an uncle was infuriated at me when he saw my bra strap. He reprimanded me by saying that I was a girl and it was my duty to keep men’s glances away from me. He told me that he was scolding me for not conforming to Indian culture,” she said. 

Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal lauded Bhaskar in his address to the media. He said, “Despite being a Delhi man, Bhaskar exercised control and he should be rewarded for it. However, I’m sure that the girl was instructed and sent by Modi ji to disturb peace and harmony in Delhi.” 

In a special announcement, the CM also said that Bhaskar will be allowed to travel in ladies coach of Delhi Metro for his exemplary display of tolerance and sacrifice. Upon getting rewarded, an ecstatic Bhaskar went home and tweeted “#NotAllMen can travel in ladies coach, but I can”.