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Miffed with Indian mentality of not giving currency notes as alms, beggars demand fifty rupee coins

21, Sep 2014 By Mishtik Journo

New Delhi : “Indians rummage for loose change when approached by a beggar and have a mental block against giving currency notes as alms,” an NCAER study has concluded.

Change nahin hai, aage badho,” it is the most hated phrase for a beggar as it results in an estimated loss of Rs 453 Cr to the Indian begging industry every year.

Yar ek rupya nahi, meri nahi to kam se kam se kam apni izzat ka khayal karo

“The government must discontinue all currency notes under Rs 100 and replace them with coins so that fifty rupees also comes under loose change,” was the chief demand raised by Deen Bandhu, Chairman of Akhil Bhartiya Beggars’ Association (ABBA) at its annual conclave here in Delhi quoting the study. “The highest denominated coin of ten rupees doesn’t buy even a cup of tea leave aside a poorie with sabzee,” he added.

“Some people still look for Athannees and Chavannees when an esteemed beggar approaches them. This is downright Chavannee-chaap mentality,” was the lament from another prominent member of ABBA.

Abla Devi, Chairperson of the women’s wing who was earlier a bona fide housewife and took to begging when onion prices crossed 40 rupees to a kilo supported the demands wholeheartedly.

“The scales have changed in every walk of life. Olden days, the biggest scams we did were limited to Rs 100-200 crores whereas none of them was for less than Rs 20000 crores in recent years. We must outpace the inflation to be prosperous, whether it is through scams or by begging,” spokesperson of a national political party said while supporting the demand.

“We are planning for a nationwide infrastructure for direct transfer of alms into a beggar’s bank account. This will do away with the very question of any currency notes or loose change,” a spokesman of the ministry of Finance told Faking News, “The alms givers could transfer money into a beggar’s account on the spot using mobile banking and the beggar’s Aadhar number which will be displayed on the caps to be issued to every beggar by the government. We are committed to path breaking reforms in Indian Begging.”

Meanwhile, as the rumors of news of fifty rupee coins spread, a group of fraudsters expert in faking currency, started hoarding old one rupee coins. They see big windfall in machining them into fifty rupee coins leveraging on the fact that weight of both types of coins is expected to be the same.