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MNS hires helicopters to go and beat up clouds for the heavy rains in Mumbai

16, Jul 2018 By Sandeep Kadian

Mumbai: Every helicopter in the state of Maharashtra was booked earlier today and the reason was Maharashtra Navnirman Sena’s latest protest idea. MNS workers have hired helicopters so that they could go to the clouds and beat them up for the heavy rains affecting daily life in India’s financial capital.ht-pune_f6e4baf0-c141-11e7-80b5-65d6945df80e


Earlier, MNS workers had vandalized PWD office over the potholes on the city roads and now they thought they must do something to resolve the problem of water-logging in the city as well.

Speaking to Faking News, an MNS worker said,” Every year it rains so much that everyone is adversely affected in the city. Kids have to miss schools, adults have to miss offices, businesses suffer loss, it is all because of all these dark clouds and we will teach these clouds a lesson MNS style.”

“Every helicopter will have 4 MNS workers armed with sticks, rods and baseball bats. We will take the helicopters high enough to reach the clouds and then will beat them black and blue with our weapons. Once beaten by us, they will think 10 times before deciding to drop any more water in the city”, the angry worker said.

When asked what happens if the hurt clouds never appear again over the city, he said,” Then what, then we will hire spaceships to go and beat the sun for making the city hot. What other work we have apart from this any way?”

Meanwhile, BMC officials were seen celebrating this development thanking their stars that their offices weren’t vandalized over flooded roads like PWD office was over potholes.