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Mob assaults youth in train for singing television ad jingle

28, Jan 2010 By Master Jhankar Beat

Hyderabad. C. Sailesh, a resident of Ameerpet in Hyderabad, was violently assaulted on board a local train yesterday by a crowd of angry passengers shortly after he decided to stand up from his seat and start singing an ad jingle of a popular new cellular service provider. “DO TWO RUE” was all Sailesh could sing in tune, before the fellow passengers swarmed towards him and started punching him.

Mild mannered Sailesh, a student of applied botany at Karimnagar Central University, has been admitted at Osmania General Hospital with multiple hairline fractures in the ribs and several broken teeth. Doctors have confirmed that none of the injuries were life-threatening.

Experts warn that instead of becoming a hit among fellow passengers, a person might be hit by them.
Experts warn that instead of becoming a hit among fellow passengers, a person might be hit by them.

“I don’t know what I have done to make the angry so many people” sobbed a visibly distressed and grammatically shaken Sailesh. “All I wanted was to DO THE NEW”.

Most people are unsure about what this may mean. When asked if he could clarify on the matter, Sailesh proceeded to shout a series of unconnected phrases – such as HUMANS ARE MY FRIENDS and WHY WALK ALONE! DANCE TOGETHER – and started running around the room until he was crudely sedated by a male nurse.

The incident has come as a shock to the city that was already violence prone over Telangana issue. Many experts believe that Sailesh, by singing that ad jingle, gave an excuse to the angry locals to vent out their anger and frustration against the government. Other experts have asked for a separate and independent censor board for television advertising.

The television ad in question shows a youth becoming a favorite among the fellow passengers when he sings a jingle in the train. Experts believe that the ad should have contained the statutory warning, “performed by trained professionals under controlled environment, don’t try this at home or in public places”.

In the meantime, police have detained 32 individuals in connection with the assault on Sailesh. Those detained could not be reached for comments, apart from an elderly nun whose comments were laconic and, by and large, unprintable.

The cellular service provider is expected to issue a press release on the matter tomorrow.