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More IITs will bring down demand for IIT branded grooms, which is good for society: Smriti Irani

09, Jun 2014 By idiot420

New Delhi. Justifying her government’s decision to push for 8 more IITs, HRD minister Smriti Irani said that a higher number of IITs will result in increase of supply of IIT grads, which ultimately will help check inflation in dowry market.

“It is a simple demand and supply concept. When we increase the supply, prices are bound to fall,” Smriti explained her masterstroke to counter increasing rate of IIT passed grooms in dowry market, “Our society is going to benefit a lot.”

Now, within your reach.

Although dowry is outlawed and a punishable offense as per Indian laws, the custom is still rampant in many parts of the country. Government says that they aim to make dowry such a worthless thing, that it will go away, like 50-paisa coins.

Market experts feel that parents who have to marry off their daughters in the next 5 to 6 years are going to benefit the most from the decision.

“Nowadays everyone wants IIT passed groom. But with limited number of such products, their selling prices are exorbitantly high, and they are beyond reach of many parents. However, creation of more IITs is going to flood the market with IIT grads,” explained Dharmatma Shukla, who runs a marriage bureau in Delhi.

“Now parents shopping for IIT passed grooms will be having more options to choose from. They can get passouts from newer IITs for far less amount of money. Almost with one swipe of credit card,” Shukla claimed.

“Unlike earlier days, let’s hope they won’t have to shift from IIT grads to NIT grads due to limited budget,” a hopeful Mr Shukla added further.

While the decision has been welcome by groom market watchers, fathers of boys have given mixed reactions to the decision. They are happy that the chances of their sons making it an IIT have gone up, but are disappointed that they might not get enough return of investment.

“Business is certainly not going to be as profitable as before,” said Ramesh Sharma, whose son is preparing for IIT-JEE, “I have warned my son to throw him out of my house if he fails to get into top 6 IITs. The coaching institutes charge so much money as if my son is already in IIT and an advance payment has been made or his future in-laws have pre-ordered him.”

Meanwhile, a coaching institute at Kota has launched a special course that prepares students for IIT-JEE and IIM-CAT, together.

“Only IIT is not going to help. They need to enroll for both to command good selling price,” said MD of the coaching institute while talking to Faking News.