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More number of people pose for photos in front of cars than Taj Mahal: Research

02, Jul 2014 By idiot420

Mumbai. A report published by marketing research firm APBielsen has revealed that ever year, more number of people pose for photographs in front of cars than in front of Taj Mahal.

As per the report, till 2012 Taj Mahal was leading the race, but in 2013 it lost to cars because of rising desire of people to upload photos with cars on social networking websites.

Posing With Car
An example.

Researchers at APBielsen say, there are two sets of people who have contributed immensely to the rise of this new trend.

“First set consists of those who are buying new cars e.g. after getting jobs or getting married, and the second set consists of those who often poses with high end luxury cars parked at roadside to tell their friends on Facebook how high dreamer they are and also to let the world know that those cars really exist,” said head researcher Manish Desai, whose picture with a car was printed on the backside of the published report.

“Count of people under the second set is growing at a steady rate, but due to easy availability of car loans, count of people in the first set has exploded,” Mr. Desai continued.

APBielsen’s report has created a situation of panic among those who earn their bread and butter from tourists inflow at Taj Mahal. Both photographers and tour guides are planning to shift their base from Taj Mahal to shopping malls’ parking lots in metro cities.

“I am learning to fluently explain features of luxury cars like Mercedes and BMW, so that I could help people at parking lots who are in awe of those cars,” said Bablu, who is eying the job of both a guide and a photographer, “I will tell people about expensive cars and then click their photos with them.”

Sources tell Faking News that taking a cue from the report, a leading car company has decided to promote its upcoming car model as being as good as Taj Mahal.

“Their new ad will show people coming from distant places to get themselves photographed with the car,” disclosed an insider, “Or it could even show a person buying car in memory of his wife.”

Meanwhile, after APBielsen’s report went public, news channels have decided to conduct debates on “Is Taj Mahal losing its sheen and charisma?” One news channel has already declared it as a victory of materialism over love, and is planning to trend #CarOverTaj on Twitter to promote its prime-time debate.