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IT startup refuses to hire from engg college where students sleep before 1 AM

18, Nov 2015 By dasu

Bangalore: City based emerging IT startup is a unique company in every sense. They were the first to offer coconut water when employees asked for water. Those who looked for soft drink in office refrigerator, found beer instead. Apart from its coolness quotient due to the high power AC they use, the company is known in the startup circle for making exciting offers which no one can reject.

You are not a good engineering student if you go to sleep early
You are not a good engineering student if you go to sleep early

We met founder Mr. Nitin Desai, an IIT Delhi dropout to know more about the unique culture of this company.

Nitin said, “See, in just three months how much money we have raised from venture capitalists. This simply because of the idea we have, which is so different from other startups. We also hire the best in the business. We go to best of the engineering colleges and just do a screening to find out who fits our culture most. Then follow up interview happens in multiple pubs which also work as our training centers.”

Nitin added, “We do not hire those who wake up to do yoga and watch baba Ramdev. We look at engineering graduates as someone who has high potential of becoming an IT engineer quickly, within a month or two at max. We just observe what the current gap is and how quickly we can fill it with our training so that they become and behave like a proper IT engineer.”

Nitin explained about his recent experience of going to an engineering college for campus placement. “Other day I visited a college for campus placement with some of my colleagues. By the time we reached, it was around 1 AM. Could not believe when I saw most of the hostel room’s lights are off. Being an engineering boy’s hostel, thought most will be in common room and might be watching some useful movies.”

Nitin said, “I was in for a shock because that was not the case. Most were actually sleeping in proper position and wearing decent dresses. The hostel warden told me proudly about his boys who do not use internet late night. On top of this, Sunday morning by 7 AM breakfast table is full. None of us was able to spot ashtrays anywhere in vicinity.”

“To clear my mind, I checked the college details in my mobile to be doubly sure that we have not come to an ashram by mistake. By lunch time we were pretty clear in our mind that we have come to a wrong place. We thought some science college hostels might have students who will be better IT material in future, no hope for this college”

Nitin said, “Immediately we met the college management and requested them to cancel the next day placement interviews. What we will do with these kinds of students. In my company HR guys do not leave for home till midnight. My peers in the industry will laugh at me if I hire these kinds of engineers.”

Nitin concluded by saying, “I have written to AICTE to cancel the license of this college simply because it has lost all the characteristics of an engineering college.”