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Mother decides to accept her errant son and his black money

06, Oct 2009 By Pagal Patrakar

Mumbai. Sumitra Devi, maa (mother) of Vijay, the rich criminal-smuggler, and Ravi, the middle-class honest police officer, has given up on her insistence that Ravi mended his ways, and has finally decided to mend her own ways and accept Vijay along with his vehicles, buildings and bank-balance. Ravi too has reportedly gone along with her mother’s decision, although a bit reluctantly. The family hopes to live happily ever after.

“I realized that Vijay will never change and Ravi will never become rich, and add to that both of them got involved with some arbit girls, even though I had seen some girls for them back in my village. Now soon they’d have kids to raise. I was especially worried for the kid’s education and upbringing. I don’t want Aegon Religare to insure good life to my grandchildren, rather their parents should insure that. After a lot of introspection, I realized it was time to accept Vijay in the family.” Sumitra Devi told.

Sumitra Devi pronouncing her decision to a surprised Vijay and shocked Ravi
Sumitra Devi pronouncing her decision to a surprised Vijay and shocked Ravi

Sumitra Devi hopes that her grandchildren will now have the best of education and lead a decent life. She has rejected the likelihood of her grandchildren being tormented and mocked at by the society for having luxuries borne out of black money.

“Times have changed. It was a disillusioned society back then that had written ‘mera baap chor hai’ (my father is a thief) on Vijay’s hand. I’m sure Ravi’s and Vijay’s sons and daughters would have best of the friends in schools and colleges and no one will write anything on their hands, instead they will get nice slogans written on Greeting Cards for each occasion. Today’s India is much more matured and I don’t see such juvenile stuff happening to my grandkids.” Sumitra Devi hoped.

Vijay has reportedly expressed happiness over his mother’s decision and has gifted three Swiss Bank accounts to her as a token of filial gratitude. He said that he always knew that one day his mother would realize her mistake and accept him with all his property. He has requested his brother Ravi not to take it otherwise and let the family reunion go unchecked.

“I know it would be painful for him. He can’t give that ‘mere paas maa hai’ (I have our mother) retort to my bragging bouts anymore, but I’d try my best to avoid such discussions with him post this merger and acquisition. If he wants, I can gift property to him as well so that he doesn’t feel like a loser. Maa has done a cool thing and Ravi should not play the spoilsport.” Vijay said.

It seems Ravi will have no other option but to fall in line as the ancestral property and many other fixed deposits in the SBI are in the name of Sumitra Devi, and if he decides to stay away from the new joint family, he’d have to move into a chawl. His wife Veera is actually pregnant with a baby so Ravi might as well fall in line. Ravi refused to comment over the development when Faking News contacted him.

Faking News has learnt that the turning point in Sumitra Devi’s life, which made her take this iconic decision, was the moment when she heard the news of corruption cases against Italian businessman Ottavio Quattrocchi being dropped. She was also reportedly deeply moved after realizing that most politicians, whom Ravi used to take orders from, had their assets growing at an exponential rate in the last few years, even during the recession years.

“Those are your interpretations, I won’t comment over them. I just wanted my children and grandchildren to live happily. I am not Mother India who would have shot dead Vijay. He is my son for god’s sake! And if the society has accepted him, why should I act like an ass? That’s the only reason I want Vijay back in my life.” Sumitra Devi said.