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Mother hits her hopeless son with slipper on Mother’s Day

08, May 2011 By Pagal Patrakar

New Delhi. 55-year-old Shalini Priya, who has been living in hope that Raju, her 25-year-old son would one day grow up to have some sense and responsibility, today gave up on her dream and hit her youngest son with a slipper while he was watching repeat telecast of an IPL match. The incident happened on a day when the world is celebrating Mother’s Day and Shalini doesn’t regret doing it.

“Me and my husband can’t look after another person,” Mrs. Priya told Faking News, “We both struggle for money and he just sits around in his underwear and watches repeats of cricket matches from years ago. We can’t go on like this.”

Sofa and slipper Sources (Raju’s siblings) say that Raju was hit by a slipper after he had totally forgotten about the boiling milk on the gas stove, which he had lighted to prepare his morning tea at 11.55 AM before being totally involved in the repeat telecast of an IPL match he had watched last night.

“When mom came back from Gupta aunty’s flat next door, she could smell something burning in the kitchen and Siddhu talking loudly about burnt stumps and scalding teardrops on the television,” our source informed, “She immediately took out her slippers and threw it at the sofa Raju was sunk in.”

“It was awesome,” the source added.

Sources further inform that Raju had been a problem child right since his childhood, who refused to show any signs of improvement as he grew up biologically. “His marks have been consistently poor, he hates poetry, and is not sure if a guitar has five or six strings even though he had enrolled himself for guitar classes last year. Yes, he loves cricket, on TV.”

When asked about the incident, Mrs. Priya confirmed the offensive. “I don’t regret it,” she said, “This is nothing in comparison to the ‘retrospective abortion’ Mrs. Gupta is planning for her equally hopeless son.”

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