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Mother seen telling child's low grades are OK is suspected to be stepmother by the neighbours

10, Aug 2017 By RT

Mumbai. Jaya, a mother of two living in the suburbs, had reportedly told her son that it was OK to get low grades in the school exams, as it was observed by the neighbors. On hearing this, the neighbors suspected her to be a stepmother of the boy, it is learnt by Faking News.

“What kind of a mother will tell it is ok to get low grades? We are a society of 200 plus homes here. All our children score with 1st rank in the class, exams after exams. We do not settle anything less than 1st rank and the top most grades. Jaya approving her son with low grades is uncivil, anti-social and uncultured. We are thinking about issuing a show-cause notice from our society,” the chairman told Faking News.

“If everyone gets 1st rank, who gets the 2nd and 3rd rank and the ranks after that. I do not believe all these parents who claim their children are number 1 in the class. Also, I do not believe in telling others and asking my son to score the 1st rank. If he gets it, I am happy. If he doesn’t, I am not sad. It is ok to get low grades. He can become a politician, for heaven’s sake, if nothing else works meritoriously” Jaya told Faking News.

“She must be a stepmother. Who will openly accept low grades of a own child? My son stands almost at the rear end of the class with his scores. I never reveal that to anyone. All my neighbours and our relatives believe that he is a top rank holder. We even have a few medals and certificates to that effect and they are at display in my apartment. I was one among the few to complain to the society that this step-motherly attitude should not be tolerated,” a neighbour complained to the Faking News.

The Faking News reporter, thinking back about his school days, somehow related the entire ranking fiasco to the current news channels war in India, about who is no.1 with viewership.