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Moved by flattering comments on his Facebook pics, man quits job to become a model and actor

25, Feb 2015 By idiot420

Gurgaon. After being constantly pressurized by flattering comments on his Facebook profile pic for years, Anurag Sharma, a conventionally good looking man has finally given up and is planning to quit his current IT job to pursue a career as model and actor.

As per Anurag, he often gets comments like “Bhai tu galat line mein hai“, “Bhai to Mumbai chala ja” and “Bhai modelling try kar” on his Facebook profile pics.

Facebook DP
Back in 2014, to give himself a break, Anurag tried this as profile pic.

“To begin with I was taking it lightly, in fact I was rather enjoying it. But over the years, condition worsened and people on Facebook started stalking me to motivate me to switch my career field. Messages like, ‘Saale model ban ja‘, ‘Apni zindagi barbaad na kar‘ were very common,” said Anurag, revealing how his well wishers were going over the board in their attempt to charge him up.

Finally it was in January 2015, Anurag finally gave up and made a formal announcement on Facebook, regarding his plans to move to Mumbai and try his luck in glamour industry.

“After so much persuasion, even I started feeling that I was in the wrong field. Well, if so many people think that good looking people should avoid industries like IT, then who am I to refuse that. People who look good and are not in glamour industry are always in the wrong field, at least people in my Facebook friend list think so,” Anurag continued while searching for a proper resignation letter template on the Google, “If such is the case and people are so sure about it, then even I don’t want to miss this opportunity.”

Adding further, Anurag disclosed that, in his resignation letter he would be mentioning “Too good looking to be an engineer” as the reason behind his resignation.

Meanwhile, one of Anurag’s friends, who lives in Mumbai and had earlier made near about 8 comments to persuade Anurag for the career switch, is not picking up his phone calls.

“I had messaged him that I needed a place to stay for the first couple of months, as accomodation in Mumbai is very expensive,” an upset Anurag told Faking News.