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Mujrim Jeevandas loses temper, beats judge with plywood

15, Mar 2010 By Pagla Ghoda

Chhapra, Bihar. In shocking chain of events, an 85-years-old accused named Jeevandas lost all his control and pounced on the session Judge when the judge announced a new date for another hearing of his case. He apparently tore off a piece of plywood from judge’s desk and started hitting him with that piece. Judge B.M. Dablue, who was badly injured, was taken to a nearby dispensary and was discharged after minor stitches on his back and butts.

Bureau sources have told Faking News that Jeevandas was sued for 25 rupees in 1952 when a bull owned by his family reportedly went on rampage. Jeevandas, barely in his 20s at that time, had grown deeply frustrated since then as his case had been going through hearings after hearings with no result in sight.

Jeevandas has been silently putting up with all the legal bullshit for years till now
Jeevandas has been silently putting up with all the legal bullshit for years till now

Tareekh pe Tareekh, Tareekh pe Tareekh, mili hai toh sirf ek Tareekh.” a visibly angry Jeevandas shouted slogans against courts and judges when he was taken away from the court premises after the assault.

Later in an exclusive interview to Faking News, he said, “I have spent 2 lakh 50 thousand bucks since 1952 for fighting this case as against the 25 rupee charge on me. But instead of caring for my plight, everyone was in awe with that stupid plywood, which I could tear off even with my old hands.”

The lawyers fighting the case have aged a lot and suffer from speaking and hearing problems, but both of them unequivocally confirmed that Jeevandas’ antics in the court today could cause the case to drag even longer now.

While Jeevandas has been sent to judicial custody for 15 days where fresh charges will be filed against him, the issue has gained a lot of media attention. Jeevandas is now being portrayed as a victim of slow pace of Indian judicial process. The video clip showing Jeevandas tearing off plywood was shown repeatedly in loop as ‘Breaking News’ by various news channels causing huge sensation.

Public support and sympathy for Jeevandas outpoured through social networking websites, even though Shashi Tharoor restrained himself from mentioning the incident on Twitter.

But common users did not restrain themselves, pushing hashtags such as #Jeevandas and #ifihadaplywood trending on Twitter at no.3 and no.5 worldwide, even above tags like #iknowifartedwhen and Justin Bieber. Facebook users too have responded and the page One Million strong for Jeevandas has already mustered 17295 fans.

With the incident gathering so much attention, it seems that the stage is set for people from plywood and Bollywood industries to come together for a noble cause. IPL too could support the cause as there are reports that Jeevandas could be awarded Godfrey Phillips bravery award for beating up the judge. Godfrey Phillips is the company owned by Lalit Modi’s family.