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Multiplexes to cut down subsidy on food items, from New Year those earning more than 10 lpa have to pay 200 Rs per samosa

09, Jan 2016 By dasu

Bengaluru: Multiplex owners across India have decided to cut down on the subsidy they are providing to hungry movie goers till now.

As per the new circular, those earning more than 10 lakh per annum have to pay market price of two hundred rupees per samosa. This will be applicable from Jan 1st 2016.

Samosa worth 200 if you earn more that 10 lpa
Samosa worth 200 if you earn more that 10 lpa

Multiplex owner Bharath Bijlee told us, “Please note the price of the samosa or popcorn we sell at our counters cannot be compared with the ones available outside. When we purchase movie rights, we need to recover the cost through our ticket sales and the food items we sell at our counters.”

Bharath added, “Movie budgets have gone really big. Do you have any idea how much money SRK or Sallu bhai charge to act in crap like Prem Ratan or Dilwale. These superstars feel everyone is a fool like Taran Adarsh, whatever trash they make, audience will lap it up and within first weekend multiplexes can recover the cost. This is wrong. They forget now days everyone has smartphone and they have access to ratings given by different critics and most of them go by word of mouth.”

Bharath said, “Looking at our seat occupancy and food item sales, to recover the cost we should be charging 400 rupees per ticket and 200 rupees per samosa. Weekend crowds are ready to pay anything for ticket price, but when it comes to food items in spite of selling samosa at a highly subsidized price of 80 rupees, people are upset with us and complain we are charging them a lot. Who will make these people understand?”

“Everything inside a multiplex is not charged, till now we have not charged a single penny for using our restrooms which are maintained like the ones you will see in five-star hotels. We also feel something we should give it back to society as part of our corporate social responsibility,” said Bharath.

Bharath added, “Due to some unruly elements who are hell bent on breaking rules, we keep three layers of security just to frisk the audience so that no one is able to carry any food items inside. All these costs adds up and ultimately the subsidy outgo is far too high for us to survive. We do not put additional burden on everyone, only those earning more than 10 lakh per annum will have to pay the market price from New Year.”

One of the regular movie watcher, Ambar Adhikari is really upset with this announcement. He said, “To be a good citizen I moved from torrent to theatres. Other day the theatre staff was looking at me as if I am a criminal after they found two eclairs chocolates in my pocket during frisking. They did not allow me to carry those inside, was asked to throw it or keep them at baggage counter in ground floor. Enough of harassment. I cannot watch these craps with empty stomach anymore, will go back to my torrent downloads & food ordering apps.”