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Mumbai gets its first pub that plays devotional songs

22, Sep 2015 By @jurnoleast

Mumbai: Pub owner Bunty Sharma who owns the pub ‘365 Daze’ in Bandra has dumped bollywood songs and started playing devotional songs at his pub to attract customers.

hard devotion cafe
From a Pub to a Devotion Cafe

Speaking to Faking News he said, “During festival season Bollywood songs are played everywhere. Customer’s dont need to go to a ‘Bollywood Night’ at 365 Daze to listen to songs. I realized that we were losing business and if we didn’t do anything about it, we might have to shut down. We need a differentiating factor. That’s when I got the idea to dump bollywood songs and play devotional songs instead.”

A regular customer to 365 Daze acknowledged that neighborhood Ganesh mandals were a bigger attraction than a pub playing bollywood songs.

“They have a sound system that is comparable to any pub. There is no restriction on decibel level and there is no time limit. If a pub crosses the time limit, cops start harassing, but not here. Besides, I have observed that the DJ at mandals has a better collection of songs,” said Rakesh, who stopped going to 365 Daze since last week, preferring to listen to his favorite Bollywood songs at the neighborhood mandal.

Meanwhile, people who wish to listen to devotional songs are happy that there is still some place left in the city where devotion is not mixed with entertainment. “I am not against bollywood. But an aarti or bhajan that is remixed to the tune of Yo Yo Honey Singh’s song is the last thing I wish to listen to,” said Mr. Nene, trying to clarify his point.

Bunty Sharma isn’t complaining. “Bollywood or no-Bollywood, my business should not suffer. In fact with my present idea, I am doing pretty well for myself,” he said.

So happy is Mr. Sharma that he is planning to change the name of his pub to Hard Devotion cafe.