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Mumbai man buys flat in Bandra after not ordering samosa at multiplex

11, Oct 2017 By itsmihir1993

A Mumbai man purchased a lavish, sea-facing apartment in the posh Bandstand area of Bandra after he avoided ordering samosa while watching movie at a Juhu multiplex. The man, identified as Irfan Sheikh, went to watch Judwaa 2 along with his wife at a Juhu multiplex on Saturday night, where the incident took place.

Narrating the episode in his newly-bought Bandra house, Sheikh said, “By twice sending an attendant during the movie, they tried to ensure that I give up on my dreams of buying a new house, but I was adamant that I will not buy a samosa there.”

Sheikh noticed that the attendant tried to lure him by bringing samosa near his mouth when he refused to buy one. “He also offered a free samosa to the movie-goer on my left after he ordered many popcorns and cold drinks, just to tempt me,” said Sheikh. His wife, who felt hungry, paid a hefty amount for the sandwich she ordered during the interval. “Had I not ordered a sandwich at the multiplex, we could have bought a bigger apartment today,” she said, regretting her decision of arriving hungry at the cinema hall.

We also spoke to the ultra-rich man who was offered a free samosa during the movie. Recalling the incident, he said, “I tried selling the samosa outside the multiplex so I could buy myself a luxury car with that money, but I couldn’t fetch more than Rs 10 for it—and the difference of the prices is unbelievable. I feel looted.”

Sheikh, who went to watch Judwaa 2, thanked his wife for ordering the sandwich during the interval. “After taking the bill for the sandwich, I tried studying how GST is calculated. In an attempt to do so, I fortunately missed the entire post-interval portion of Judwaa 2 and saved money I would have had to spend on Disprin,” said an ecstatic Sheikh.