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Mumbai man who didn't get down before the train stopped invited on TEDTalks to speak on ‘Patience’

28, May 2018 By Santosh Pradhan

Mumbai local is the lifeline of the city is an understatement. It is, in fact, the life of this fast city. 70-75 lakh people use the local network on a daily basis and saving time is the key parameter where the railway network shows its superiority over the road network. Every minute saved is every minute of productivity gained. Not only do the Mumbaikars use the train network for the day to day travel but they also get down the train when it has not completely stopped to save some precious seconds. Getting down a moving train is as much of an activity as taking a boarding a train in Mumbai.


But what Sanil Srivastava did on Monday is the story of true heroes. He waited for the train to stop completely before getting down. The passengers standing on the platform gave a standing ovation to Sanil and the passengers inside the train who wanted to get down quickly started abusing him. The story has spread like fire in the maximum city and Sanil has been invited to deliver a lecture on ‘Patience’ by the TEDtalks team. Waiting for the train to stop completely before getting down requires a huge amount of patience for a Mumbaikar and Sanil has shown that the city is not devoid of patient people. It’s only a matter of setting the example for others.

Western Railway has appreciated the effort made by Sanil and has announced that every passenger who will get down the train when it completely stops will be rewarded with a hefty amount.