Monday, 6th April, 2020


Mumbai Police arrests man after smelling onions in his mouth while doing the drink and drive alcohol test

31, Dec 2019 By Santosh Pradhan

Mumbai. 2020 has arrived and with it has many drink and drive cases that happened yesterday as people partied till late night and drove back home. But a strange case was observed in Mumbai where police arrested a man who was giving away the smell of onions from his mouth.

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Police thought that the man has a lot of untraced money with him and has the courage to eat onions at a time when onion prices are sky-rocketing. Shwetank Banerjee was taken into custody for further investigation. Shwetank put forward his case saying that he had earned his quarter-end incentive and hence ate paneer do pyaza at a party yesterday.

He never drinks and did not drink yesterday but the smell of onion made police doubt his case and a thorough investigation of his bank accounts will be done in the coming days. There are many like Shwetank who have been eating onions non-stop and given the unaffordability of the vegetable police is right in doubting such people.

Police have also asked for special onion smell detectors from the government that will help them trace down such people in the future.