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Mumbai resident changes Friday house party rule from BYOB to BYOO (Bring Your Own Onions)

06, Dec 2019 By Santosh Pradhan

Mumbai. BYOB has been a theme for many house parties across Mumbai and residents have adhered to the rule as finding a party spot in Mumbai is a costly affair. The person throwing a house party at his/her house is treated with great respect and people agree without any hesitation to the BYOB ( Bring your own booze ) rule.

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Shugato Malik is one such generous host. He has an experience of throwing over 1000 parties in his residence in South Mumbai. Friends from different parts of the city have gathered at his place on many Fridays and BYOB has been the norm since the first party. The rule which stood the test of time has been finally changed to BYOO ( Bring Your Own Onions ) by Shugato owing to the rising onion prices across the country.

Onion prices are out of reach for most Indians and rich South Mumbai residents like Shugato are also feeling the pinch. It has been more than 14 hours since Shugato sent the BYOO message on his party group on Whatsapp but he hasn’t got any reply from his friends. Onion is used in most of the Indian curries, also in salads and starters, and hence the consumption is comparatively higher on a party day than the normal days.

Faking News is in constant touch with Shugato and will keep you posted about India’s first BYOO party.