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Mumbai to celebrate Valentine's Day in 5 phases owing to limited space in parks and restaurants

12, Feb 2020 By Beer & Biryani

Mumbai: In an attempt to celebrate Valentine’s Day quietly and peacefully with their loved ones, lovers in Mumbai have come together and decided to split Valentine’s Day celebrations into 5 phases. This step has been taken owing to the limited space in parks and restaurants in the city.

Celebrate valentine's Day.... on an appropriate day
Celebrate valentine’s Day…. on an appropriate day

Speaking to Faking News, a representative of this group, Mr. Luv Guru said, “The space crunch in Mumbai, especially inside pubs, parks, restaurants, coffee shops and pizza corners may prove to be a major disappointment for those who want to celebrate Valentine’s Day with their loved ones. To ensure that lovers don’t spend 14th February waiting in a queue outside an establishment, we have come up with a staggered approach for celebrations. As part of this, the Valentine’s Day celebrations will be split into 5 phases.”

“To answer the obvious question, phases have been categorized based on age groups and only people falling under the designated age group can celebrate V-Day with their valentines. We are hoping that everyone will cooperate and celebrate the festival of love as per their age group but as a contingency plan, we are considering a tie up with Bajrang Dal. People not abiding by the rules will be handed over to Bajrang Dal without any exceptions”, said Mr.Luv.

“You know how difficult it is to find space in Mumbai, if you spread your arms in SRK pose, you are likely to hit 5 people on their faces. It is even worse inside restaurants and coffee shops. Even on a regular weekend it is impossible to get inside any establishment and this will be a valentine’s weekend, there is no way we will find any empty tables anywhere. However, by co-operating with each other, we can make it a pleasant experience”, Mr Luv hoped.

“We are also arranging an ‘age-no-bar’ 6th phase to give second chance to rejected lovers”, ended Mr.Luv as he went back to finalize the age groups.

Though Mr.Luv was hesitant about disclosing the age groups and dates, we happened to get some information from our sources. We really hope this will help you plan your Valentine’s Day!

The Timetable for Valentine's Days
The Timetable for Valentine’s Days