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Mumbaikar reserves one square feet of area in mumbai local to stand properly while traveling

28, Oct 2015 By sameer mahawar

Mumbai: As the trend of reservation in our country is increasing day by day, another incident has been reported yesterday where a regular commuter has reserved one square feet of area in a second class compartment of Mumbai Local.

Mr. Manjrekar happy with his achievement
Mr. Manjrekar happy with his achievement

Kirmesh Manjrekar, who travels daily from Andheri to Dadar, has done this peculiar act which fetches him a fix spot daily to stand during his journey, without any furious glares and disturbances from co-passengers.

Fed up of being unable to get a seat even in First Class compartment and stand improperly due to heavy rush while traveling to and fro for his work, this idea of reservation pitched into Kirmesh’s mind when he was listening to some Patel’s speech.

Talking to one of our reporters, Kirmesh said, “I have to fight daily to manage some breathing space in this jam-packed local. Numerous times I had quarrels with passengers pushing each other every now and then, even when the train is at halt. This daily torture had to be put to an end someday. So I took this bold step to mark an area near the door where I’d be standing. And mind you, I haven’t paid anything to TT.”

“As you know, getting space in Mumbai is a tough fight, be it in real-estate or in local. I couldn’t afford former, so went for latter. This way I can impress my prospective in-laws that I own a space in Mumbai,” said an excited Kirmesh while swiping his phone screen in left to right direction every single time.

Ritesh, who also travels from the same route, said,” I have noticed change in Kirmesh’s behaviour. Earlier, he had to fight for seat and now he doesn’t even bother to sit on the vacant seats. Also, he used to shout at people standing on the doors, blocking the entry-exit way but he himself blocks the way now.”

The move, in the end, is believed to be a positive one as it would reduce violence in terms of daily quarrels which the passengers face while boarding and alighting the lifeline of Mumbai.