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My name too should be kept secret and given to court in a sealed envelope, demands pickpocket

29, Oct 2014 By Mishtik Journo

Patiala: A pickpocket caught red-handed with a wallet containing Rs 214 at the railway station here has pleaded that his name be kept confidential and not disclosed.

“There is so much of fuss over the names of Swiss Bank account holders having billions of dollars being made public, I too am a citizen of the same country and thus deserve similar treatment,” said the pickpocket pointing to the small gain accruing to him for his petty crime.

Pickpocket in action.
Pickpocketing, one of the most serious crimes in India

“The humiliation and the promptness in delivering justice should be commensurate with the extent of gravity of crime not inversely proportional,” he cried, “I do not know the technicalities but that would be natural justice according to my common sense.”

The argument did not cut much ice with the police sub-inspector who took him to court after keeping him in custody and beating him for one day. He was taken hands cuffed, on a donkey through some of the most crowded streets of the town including the mall road, with his face blackened by angry people.

Elsewhere, at his home a crowd gathered and shouted slogans against the deteriorating law and order situation in the town.

“A bunch of respected residents of the locality along with some hooligans have done this to me,” the son of pickpocket Vishnu told Faking News showing his forearm where they had tattooed ‘Mera baap chor hai

“I wish I had deposited my stolen hard earned money in a zero balance Swiss Bank account,” rued Ram Bharose, the pickpocket, “I would have been sitting in the comfort of my home leading a respectable life and not humiliated like this. They would have given my name to the court in a sealed envelope pending a prolonged investigation lasting my lifetime.”