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Nation agrees that someone must do something for women safety

05, Jan 2017 By Sandeep Kadian

New Delhi: Still outraged over the incidents of molestation on the night of 31st December, the entire country has come together as one to say that someone must do something to provide safety to women in the country. While there were disagreements over details, who should be the someone, what should be the thing to do, the general consensus was that someone must do something.

Women safety
It will stop when someone does something

“Someone must provide security to the women of the country so that they can move around freely. We aren’t sure whose job it is but we can confidently say that someone should be working on it. Apart from that, someone must be teaching the men how to make women feel safe but again, we aren’t sure who should be that person and what should he be teaching the men”, a leading women’s rights activist said.

“At this point in time, we must be looking at the positives though. We must appreciate the fact that everyone has agreed that someone must do something to improve women safety. Whether we follow traditional models like locking women up inside the house and covering them up or we follow radical, out-of-the-box methods like treating women with respect, that remains to be seen but the start has been made”, she added.

In a rare show of unity, politicians have also agreed with civil society that something needs to be done for women safety. In response, every citizen has requested politicians to avoid speaking after any incident of sexual assault to do their bit for women safety.