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Nation debates parenting as three year old fails to catch pigeon

04, Dec 2009 By Pagal Patrakar

Mumbai. His parents laughed and chuckled as three years old Chintu ran after a pigeon to catch it, only to fail for the thirty-seventh time this year as the pigeon flew away after briskly taking a few steps away from him, leaving Chintu standing like a statue and his parents laughing like horses. But the laughter of parents has not gone down well with many people, who believe that Chintu’s mom and dad are not doing enough to raise him in today’s evolved and competitive society.

“What kind of parents are these who are laughing even after witnessing thirty seven failures in a year? When that kid grows up, he’d find a society where each instance of failure would be looked down upon with derision and contempt, how will he handle the peer pressure and ensuing low self-esteem? This is very irresponsible of them. In fact this is criminal, because such lax parenting is retarding the process of evolution among human beings.” Daman Das, a child psychologist protested.

Chintu trying to catch a pigeon (circled in red for easy identification by the television news viewers)
Chintu trying to catch a pigeon (circled in red for easy identification by the television news viewers)

Daman pointed out that the constant failure of three year olds to catch pigeons point towards the dangerous trend that human beings are not evolving faster than pigeons.

“More than a year ago, a study by Japan’s Keio University had proved that pigeons were as clever as three-year-old human beings. It’s not a matter of great shame as of now, but as a human being, all of us must leave behind the pigeons in the pace and process of evolution. We must strive to raise a generation that is cleverer than pigeons when three years old. If our kids keep on failing and we keep on ignoring their failures, our three-year-olds would never be able to compete with the crapping pigeons.” Daman rued.

Daman has found support among other child experts, who have shared his concern for the pace of evolutionary process among the human beings. These people have demanded that a detailed study be taken up to observe the movements of three-year-olds and pigeons, and find out the reasons why our children have been constantly failing to catch the brown birds.

“One thing I’ve noticed is that our kids stretch out their hands towards the pigeons as they run to catch them. This is so artless and stupid, it alerts the pigeons and they fly away. I’m sure that with a detailed study, we can spot many similar strategic weaknesses in our children’s approach, and take corrective steps. It’s for their good; it’s for the good of humanity.” Daman said, proposing a government funded study over this critical issue.

But Chintu’s parents have rejected such suggestions angrily and have termed people like Daman as ‘losers’.

(with critical inputs from Mugendra Finyal)