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Nation shocked as four engineers meet up and don't discuss billion dollar ideas

07, Jan 2016 By Nihit Kshatriya

Bangalore. In a shocking development that can hurt India’s chances of being a superpower, four engineering students were seen discussing mundane issues of daily lives instead of the next billion dollar tech start-up idea.

The incident has left entire engineering community anguished. The magnitude of this grief is being reported similar to the one experienced when an engineering student had changed his bedsheet for the second time in one semester.

“Can you believe it? These guys were discussing girls, movies, and stupid things like campus placements when they could have come up with the next Amazon or Facebook,” said a final year engineering student who’s ready to launch his startup that will advise startups.

Engineer’s are expected to discuss nothing else

Faking News decided to go into the core of the issue and could find the four students at a café where they were found drinking masala chai.

Our reporter went near them and yelled, “Tu Beer hai, BC”. Unlike other entrepreneurs, they were not aroused. This raised a doubt that they may not be real engineers and would have graduated from some wannabe engineering stream like Geological Engineering.

Further investigations by this reporter, who watches CID episodes every day, revealed that the controversial engineers were aspiring stand-up comics. They too had decided not to take up jobs, but instead of founding a next WhatsApp, they decided to become next WhatsApp forwards.

This has further enraged the engineering community. Startup Sharma, CEO/CMO/CTO of, has termed the incident as “sign of growing intolerance against dreaming big, which is hurting the sentiments of all wannabe entrepreneurs across the country. I call those engineers who have founded startups to return their degrees in protest.”

“Such so-called engineers can be easily brainwashed to join a regular job at an IT company. After this, they may not be available to join start ups of their colleagues. There is something seriously wrong with these people and the government should keep a watch on them,” Startup Sharma added.

Faking News can confirm that the behavior of the engineers was indeed suspicious. When the café gave them the bill, the suspected engineers didn’t ask for credit. Not only added, no abuses were hurled while splitting the bill, and they even paid a tip. As they passed by us, one of them politely said “excuse me” while walking past a female reporter and there was no bad breath.

Hostel authorities were checking the rooms of the students to find out if they possessed materials like Guitars, but nothing objectionable was recovered till reports last came in.