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New dating site launched for people who suck at relationships

21, Nov 2011 By Pagal Patrakar

New Delhi. After being dumped by two girls in a single month, an IIT student has decided to make love life easier for people like him. Sanket Singh, a third year computer science student at IIT Delhi has created a new dating site where people, who suck at relationships, can meet each other.

“No, this is not for men seeking men,” Sanket clarifies, “This is for straight people who want to meet prospective partners without worrying about being awkward in their approach towards the relationship. The problem is real, and now we have a solution.”

The website asks its members not to have any expectations at all from a relationship. It has some special features that help members suck at relationships in a matter-of-the-fact way, as if there was nothing wrong with it.

“The member’s profile page doesn’t mention any date of birth,” Sanket explained the friendly features of the website, “This conveys a message to the members, especially girls, that birthdays are not any special occasion; they shouldn’t be upset if the partner forgets to wish them on their birthdays.”

Dating website image
Sanket’s website encourages people to explore alternative ways of expressing love. An article on the website says that gifting a 24 GB USB drive could be a better idea than gifting roses.

That’s how Sanket was dumped by his first girlfriend early this year. “I had totally forgotten about her birthday and hadn’t even checked Facebook that day where every damn guy was wishing her,” he recalled.

Freshly dumped, and not too heartbroken, Sanket soon befriended another girl, who happened to be a mutual friend with his first girlfriend. Everything was going fine until the day when he hung up the phone on her. She dumped him within five minutes.

“Well, to be fair, I disconnected her phone three times within three minutes as I was busy playing Age of Empires on my computer and was winning the game. I didn’t realize that she had sneaked up to me and was standing behind me to give me a surprise,” Sanket recalled his second breakup, which helped him come up with another feature in his website – custom messages during online chat conversations.

“Right now you only get such messages – ‘Sanket has entered a text’, or ‘Sanket is typing’ – such messages fill the chatting partner with hope. The partner expects some decent things to be told. Whereas my website gives messages like – ‘Sanket is now playing Mario’, or ‘Sanket is now reading tweets’ – this readies the partner for encounters in real lives and lessens chances of a break up.”

Heartbroken after his second breakup within a month, Sanket thought a lot and came up with the idea of the website that helps people like him find the “right” girl. But will any real girl join such a website?

“I am confident,” he said, “Just like every child is special, every boyfriend is also special. I’m sure that girls will see the vale once they join the website. There are no membership fees for girls.”

Sanket maintains that website is not for people who “suck at relationships”, but for people who are “differently romantic”. However, Faking News editorial team decided to stick with the first term.