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New law demanded to make hearing an obscene joke illegal

08, Feb 2015 By Sandeep Kadian

New Delhi. After people cracking obscene jokes and people laughing at obscene jokes, looks like people hearing an obscene joke may soon be in trouble as well.

An organization named, “Culture of Hindustan Under Threat” (C.H.U.T.) has demanded that people who listen to any offensive, obscene, vulgar joke should also be booked for not preventing the vulgar joke cracked in their presence.

Think before you laugh

This demand comes few days after leading film actresses Sonakshi Sinha and Deepika Padukone were booked for laughing at obscene jokes during a stand-up comedy event.

Speaking to Faking News, C.H.U.T. head Mr John Faisal Singh Sharma (Name changed to avoid offending any religion) said, “We have to protect Hindustani culture at any cost. In this battle to protect our culture, either you are with us or against us. When you are sitting quietly allowing someone to complete a vulgar joke, you are helping them destroy our culture. This must be punishable by law.”

“If you sense that someone is going to crack a vulgar joke, you must request him to stop immediately and if the person doesn’t agree, slap him, beat him, do whatever it takes to ensure the joke doesn’t come out. This is your moral obligation to our society,” Mr JFSS added

When we asked how will their culture get destroyed by these jokes, Mr John replied, “Today they joke about sex, tomorrow they will start having sex out of wedlock and day after tomorrow there will be sex on our streets. This is how these things progress. ”

On the question of people’s right to have freedom of expression, Mr JFSS clarified that he supports FoE for everyone. Explaining his stance, he said, “We are not suppressing anyone’s freedom of expression. We are all for FoE but one must understand that there must be reasonable restrictions on it. Destroying our culture by using crass, vulgar jokes definitely falls under those reasonable restrictions.”

C.H.U.T. has started an online petition to pressurize government into making this law and so far, 15,000 chutiyas people have signed this petition.