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Newly-wed Bengali man seeks divorce from his North-Indian wife after she fails to prepare fried fish for him 

30, Jul 2018 By @jurnoleast

A fairy-tale wedding that reminded one of the Bollywood movie two states seems to be heading down splitsville after the husband sought divorce from his wife as she couldn’t cook fish fry for him.


Debashish Chatterjee from Kolkata fell in love with Delhi resident Neha Arora while they were working in an IT company in Gurgaon. The two decided to get married earlier this year and barely 3 months into the wedding they are now planning to call it off.

Apparently, Neha was not aware of Debashish’s obsession with fish which added to her lack of knowledge of Bengali culture. Though the brides family is trying hard for a patch up, the grooms side is refusing to relent. Debashish’s sister Debakshi, his uncle Debanjan and cousin-brother Debjoy have gone ahead and filed for divorce proceeding at a local court.

Not surprisingly, the judge Debranjan Das read the verdict in favor the husband and said, “This amounts to cruelty against a Bengali husband. These days cooking videos are easily available on YouTube. If the wife is not pure vegetarian, I fail to understand what is so difficult in cooking fried fish. The love Bengalis have for fish can be gauged by the fact that a recent raid by IT department on a Kolkata man revealed around 5kg of fried fish in his bank locker.”

With no options left, Neha and her family are now planning to approach NCW to salvage the marriage.