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No WiFi in groom's house, woman refuses to tie knot

18, Apr 2016 By @jurnoleast

Kanpur: Brides refusing to marry for lack of toilets is old news. A prospective groom in the city was rejected by a woman after she found out that his house did not have a WiFi connection. The woman later married the grooms neighbor after her smartphone caught the WiFi signal from the neighbors house.

Bride checking WiFi connection before taking the pheras
Bride checking WiFi connection before taking the pheras

Speaking to Faking News a close family member of the groom said, “When this girl arrived for the pre-wedding ceremony, the first thing she asked was the WiFi password. When we told her that there was no WiFi, she threw a fit and walked out of the wedding.”

The grooms family is said to have got a temporary WiFi connection and promised to get a separate connection for each room post wedding.

But the bride refused to accept the deal and is planning to tie the knot to a neighboring man with a stronger a better WiFi connection.

Our reporter spoke to Vidya Kumari, the bride who refusal to marry has turned her into a social media superstar. She said, “Bare necessities, is all i am asking for. I mean  i would trade toilets for a WiFi connection any day. If there is no toilet, we can go to the fields. But if there is no WiFi, what do we do? How do I chat on Whatsapp? What about my selfies on Facebook? How am I supposed to update all my apps?”

“When I turned on my WiFi, my device caught the neighbors signal. It was strong and I immediately felt a connection. I don’t care what he looks like as long as he has as good WiFi,” she said confidently.

Vidya’s refusal to marry has sparked off a revolution and given hope to many women across the country who quietly suffer weak WiFi signals. Govt. too seems to be supportive and has already roped in a Bollywood actress to be part of their public service campaign ‘Jahan Wife wahan WiFi‘.

Meanwhile, there were also reports of few employees refusing to join a company as the office premises did not provide free WiFi.