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North Indian in Mumbai shocked to see 2 drivers apologizing to each other after an accident

21, Jan 2016 By Sandeep Kadian

 Mumbai: A recently relocated North Indian guy, Sandeep Singh went in a state of shock today when he saw 2 drivers apologizing to each other after an accident. Sandeep is new to Mumbai and isn’t used to such scenes that he witnessed today.

Sandeep remembering his Delhi days
How Sandeep remembers road accidents

When we contacted him, Sandeep recounted the story and told us, “Well I was just walking on the road when I saw this Bike come from behind and hit a Car backing out of a parking spot; the bike rider fell down after the collision. The moment I saw the collision, I thought to myself ‘Bete, ab maza aayega’ .I immediately whipped out my mobile phone in the hope of capturing a viral video. I was fully prepared to see a free WWE fight and I thought maybe I will also join in and slap whoever is the one getting beaten up. Then I saw the bike rider get up, dust his clothes, head to the car and say sorry for not looking ahead properly. I mean WHAT THE F….”

“If that wasn’t surprising enough, the Car driver started apologizing for reversing without properly checking behind. I just couldn’t understand why they weren’t kicking, punching or at least slapping each other after the accident. None of them even asked each other about their father, how rude. At least hurl some abuses you idiots!” Sandeep screamed at nobody in particular.

“Even after the apologies, I didn’t lose hope. I kept waiting for the action to begin. Then one of them took out a mobile phone and started calling someone. I thought yes, he is calling some friends to beat up the other guy but as it turned out, he was just calling his insurance guy. What an anti-climax”, Sandeep told us with a hint of disappointment.

Through our website, Sandeep has requested Mumbaikars to respect the sensibilities of outsiders and display some more road rage while driving on the road.