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Not able to handle stress of quitting tobacco on ‘No Tobacco Day’, person smokes 5 more cigarettes

01, Jun 2017 By Santosh Pradhan

Mumbai: Just like every year, No smoking resolutions were again topping the charts on 31st of May which is ‘World No Tobacco Day’. Youngsters were finally valuing their lungs, although liver for them is still an ignored organ. Social media and Whatsapp statuses were flooded with anti-smoking messages and resolutions. But the ‘No Tobacco day’ became a disaster for a man in Mumbai, as the stress of quitting tobacco was too much to handle.


We are talking about Sidharth Singh who is an entrepreneur and resides in Mumbai and has been a smoker since his early teens. Sidharth tried quitting a lot of times, namely on 1st Jan and 31st May of every year but all in vain. The urge to light up the nicotine stick was just too seductive for him. His wife has taken him to many ‘babas’ and ‘Rehabilitation experts’ but Sidharth came out of those centers with a lit cigarette in his mouth. The logic he gives for continuous smoking is that ‘he is not addictive to nicotine and can quit any day when he wants to’.

Yesterday was the ‘No Tobacco Day’ and Sidharth thought it to be the perfect time to test his will power. He started the day well, dint smoke till the afternoon. Whenever he got an urge to smoke, he scolded his employees, ranted on twitter, shouted abuses on FB posts, to divert his attention away from smoking. Hours felt like years, there was stress visible on his face but the man seemed to fight it out. But suddenly a new worry crept into his mind, ‘what if am not able to quit tobacco, what if I start smoking from tomorrow again, what if my friends call me spine less’. This questions stressed him out , and out came the ‘ solution of all problems’ from his pocket, yes, a brand new cigarette. He lighted one, smoked , then lit another and as time went on he finished 5 cigarettes.

Faking News reporter caught up with Sidharth and he had this to say, ” Yes I understand my mistake, but the ‘No Tobacco Day’ made me over conscious and went into my mind. But am not addictive to cigarettes. I can quit nicotine the day I want to.”