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Not potholes, patches of road in between make the road uneven and dangerous: Maha PWD minister

17, Jul 2018 By dasu

Mumbai: When everyone is blaming potholes for the fatal accidents in the streets of Mumbai Maharashtra PWD Minister Chandrakant Patil sees the problem from a different angle.DiSY8d9UYAEIczy

“We cannot blame only potholes for the accidents, actually it’s the other way around. The patches of roads that remained after so much rain have made the roads uneven and dangerous for everyone”, said Mr. Patil while addressing a crowded press conference.

Mr. Patil has asked his team of experts to collect samples from potholes as well as from portion of roads which has remained intact. Hel expects to get the analysis report within 48 hours from state government forensic lab.

“If we find there is substantial difference, we will book cases of negligence against the contractors. Because the road contact agreement clearly says the material used has to be consistent throughout”, said Mr. Patil.

PWD minister has given a stiff deadline. Before end of this month the roads must be uniform. Either cover the potholes or remove the patches of roads. They have to inform State government in advance what they are going to do.

“If patches of roads are removed the stretch of the road will be like a lake. I will talk to transport minister to arrange boats for my brave Mumbaikars to use them and reach office”, said Patil who knows most of the contractors will use this option.

Mr. Patil does not want to lose out on so much water that is present inside schools and colleges.

“I have asked the academic institutions to organize their swimming competitions before rain water levels inside their campuses recede. I do not want them to come in summer when state invariably struggles for water. Jab Peeno Ko Paani Nahin hota hai, toh hum swimming ke liye khan se arrange karenge”, said Mr. Patil before winding up his press interview.