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Now an app that will play 'Take My Breath Away' every time someone with smelly feet removes shoes at work

01, Sep 2015 By @jurnoleast

Bangalore: What could be worse than travelling in crowded trains and buses and fighting slow moving traffic to reach work? If you thought the answer is ‘an overbearing boss’, you are wrong.

No more smelly feet at work
No more smelly feet at work

According to a survey conducted by Hybrid HR, a human resource consulting firm, whopping 70% respondents who were surveyed said that employees who remove their shoes at work and assault the olfactory system of co-workers were the biggest headache.

There is however a solution to this problem. A Bangalore based startup has developed an app that automatically plays the song ‘Take my Breath Away’ every time it encounters malodour.

Sundar Iyer, a 40 year old techie who designed the app spoke to our reporter. He said, “My personal experience forced me to design this app. I remember my co-worker who had this habit of removing his shoes after reaching office and since most offices these days are closed air-conditioned spaces, there was no way for me other than holding my breath. That is when the idea for this app struck me.”

The app has already seen a million downloads on Google Playstore just a week after its debut.

“The best thing about this app is that it passes on the message without being rude. I have seen success with this app at my workplace. Our employees are now happy and more productive,” said an HR Manager working for a major IT company.

Meanwhile, residents of Bangalore who have previously used innovative methods to highlight issues plaguing the city used the app to address the garbage problem. Loudspeakers were heard playing the song outside the office of BBMP (Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagar Palike).

The authorities at BBMP however were not so impressed. “Why don’t they make an app that will pick up the garbage from various locations in the city and take it to the dumping ground,” said an official as he wiped his face with a tissue paper and threw it out of the window.