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Now weekend coaching classes for working male engineers to help them groom their flirting skills

11, Nov 2014 By idiot420

Bangalore. Flirt-Jee, a city based coaching institute is conducting weekend classes for working male engineers to help them gain confidence to talk to girls and consequently groom their flirting skills.

Guddu Dude, the founder of Flirt-Jee, while revealing what inspired him to open such an institute, said, till last year he himself was a very shy person.

Shy Guy
“Should I say something. No dude, it’s too dangerous. Maybe she will kill me.”

“I used to be Guddu Tiwari and was afraid of even talking to girls. However, finally I decided to change myself and did whatever was possible. At that time, I really felt that there should be some institute to teach these skills,” Guddu told Faking News, adding that it was then he decided to open a coaching institute to help people like him, “And even from business point of view, it is quite a profitable idea.”

After months of rigorous practice and getting slapped by girls multiple times, Guddu Tiwari finally achieved expertise in flirting and renamed himself to Guddu Dude.

“Now, I can talk like James Bond, I can walk like James Bond, I can laugh like James Bond and I can flirt like James Bond,” a confident Guddu further added, “I want to see the same level of confidence in my fellow engineer brothers.”

Flirt-Jee is offering two type of courses, Intensive Care Unit (ICU) and General Ward (GW). ICU is a three month course for engineers who are in serious condition.

“ICU is for those who are scared of girls as if they are ghosts. Even a slightest indication that they are going to get a chance to talk to a girl, such candidates will run away. Even if they somehow manage to stand in front of girl, they start trembling. It’s all because during their engineering college life with zero interaction with girls, the girls are now almost ghost to them,” read brochure of the institute.

While General Ward is a two month course and is for those who are in somewhat better condition.

“These guys are so concerned and afraid while talking to girls that they don’t even dare to say something cheesy, as if after their doing so, Pakistan would nuke India,” explained Guddu Dude. “Their theory part is fine, but they need more and more practical sessions.”

Meanwhile, many working engineers are finding this coaching institute worth money and time.

“It was much needed,” said 24 year old Prateek, who left his CAT preparation coaching as class timing of Flirt-Jee was coinciding with it.