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NRI billionaire declares emotional bankruptcy, millions contribute online, donate emoticons

29, Sep 2014 By Mishtik Journo

California, USA. Sam Prakash Gupta, an American billionaire of Indian origin declared ‘Emotional Bankruptcy’ (EB) on his newly created Facebook and Twitter account last week. His status read, “Emotionally Bankrupt Billionaire.”

Sam lives alone in his two acre ten bedroom estate in California having a swimming pool, tennis & squash courts, and a party hall, is a widower with son happily settled in London and daughter married to a Chinese millionaire in Shanghai.

Good earning opportunity for WhatsApp addict young generation.

He announced EB when he realized that he had not laughed or cried or felt happy or sad in last one year and that not even a single person wished him on his seventieth birthday.

“I can send you ten different emoticons per day for 100 dollars per month,” Ankit Kapoor working for a BPO in Bangalore looking for side income was among the first to respond.

Paramsukh Seva Trust was among the 178 spiritual organizations that sent him e-brochures offering courses of varying beliefs and duration for prices ranging from 500 to 50,000 dollars with satisfaction guaranteed.

Very soon he got about a million responses on his bankruptcy and being a billionaire at the same time. Most of them forwarded fancy WhatsApp messages, emoticons, inspirational quotes, sympathy notes and even random jokes.

In the age of 20-20 cricket and ready to eat foods, “Ready to adopt son / daughter with huge emotional value available at a week’s notice,” was the response from a placement agency which saw this as a new segment of business with huge potential.

He has even got a marriage offer from a 25 years old popular TV actress, Rati Kapoor, famous for her role in ‘Bhavnaaon ki Shatranj’. Her rendering of emotional roles in so many serials has won her millions of viewers’ adoration and scores of awards. She is ready to divorce her second husband provided Sam transfers at least 20 million dollars worth of assets to her immediately.

An event management company has offered Sam free invitations to its all night parties if his party hall is made available to it without any charge.

A leading e-commerce website KhaaliBaba sees a multi-million dollar business opportunity in the bankruptcy and has appointed its Senior Vice President Miachael Lawson exclusively to help Sam be a compulsive shopper, to sit and shop on KhaaliBaba and fill the void created in his life.

Meanwhile, in an interview to this correspondent, Sam Prakash Gupta said, “I can get all the emotional fulfillment for the rest of my life for free, without doing anything, if my three grandchildren from London and Shanghai come and live with me for a month every year. I am ready to go financially bankrupt if this is guaranteed.”