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Obsessed with duck-face and kiss smileys, Gurgaon girl turns into a duck

13, May 2014 By Pareshaan insaan

Guragaon. In a strange incident, a local girl found herself with webbed feet and a beak when she woke up this morning. The victim Angel “babe” Singh, is a resident of the highly developed (based on number of malls) city of Gurgaon.

When we asked around, we learnt that Angel was an active user of Facebook. She was also a big fan of taking her own pictures (selfies) where she would join her lips together and then protrude them in the forward direction, to make a beak.

Baby doll main sone di.

“Many people call that pose a duck-face, but the truth is it’s the face of today’s generation,” a social scientist explained the mysterious transformation while doctors struggled with the case.

“As we all know, having beaks is very sexy and is the primary thing that a man looks for in a woman, so her intense desire to have one must have transformed her into a duck,” the scientist claimed.

Sources say that apart from duck-face, Angel also “loooveezz” the kiss smiley. Angel got depression one weekend when the “8” key, vital to make a kissing smiley, on her keyboard stopped working.

“It is not a kissing smiley!” protested the best friend of Angel, technically her BFF, who is looking after the duck, i.e. Angel, in the local hospital.

“itz ‘mwah’ nd not evn ‘muah’ smiley!” she added.

Seeing the grammatical condition of her best friend, the doctors feared for the biological and medical condition of Angel and other patients. As a result, they quickly discharged both of them from the hospital.

Angel is currently paddling around on the Yamuna river with her BFF, but she is concerned that the sunlight and toxic water, which may damage her flank.

Faking News asked Angel if she faced any problems with such a big beak. She responded by quacking, but her BFF,  translated her response: “Finally I’ve got a perfect duck-face, though this body is a bit annoying, and the feet is not what I asked for!”

Strikingly, her quaking didn’t have any grammatical or spelling errors.

Angel, the duck, later posted her latest pic on Facebook, which has gone viral. “Hey, you should get pedicure!” was the most ‘liked’ comment, which didn’t go too well with Angel. However, she was happy with the overall likes and shares she got for her picture.