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Obsession to accept Ice Bucket Challenge declared viral illness; another challenge starts to raise awareness about it

29, Aug 2014 By idiot420

Geneva. As madness of accepting ALS Ice Bucket Challenge continues across the world, World Health Organization has declared obsession to take up this task a viral mental illness. WHO has further decided to start a Hot Bucket Challenge to raise awareness about this.

Explaining gravity of the situation, WHO head Margaret Chan said that those who had already poured ice chilled water once on their heads were doing it again and again to make a perfect video out of it.

Ice bucket challenge
Ice bucket zombies.

“No one is willing to put a brake on this epidemic and what started as a campaign to raise awareness about ALS has become an illness itself. We are calling it Ice Bucket Syndrome(IBS),” Margaret Chan told Faking News, “It has become an obsessive compulsive disorder.”

What makes IBS even more dangerous is that it spreads by just watching an Ice Bucket Challenge video.

“It’s a communicable disease of whole new level, or better to call it of digital level. It doesn’t need infectious agents such as viruses to spread, all it needs is a video file. Probably this is first of its kind,” the WHO head continued.

A report published by the WHO says, Ice Bucket Syndrome (IBS) has affected not only individual humans, but even news websites and media houses who under influence of the illness are giving way too much importance to Ice Bucket Challenge by recklessly running stories around it.

The report has also revealed few serious cases of IBS, which WHO researchers have found in United States and India.

“We met one person in US who is so obsessed with Ice Bucket Challenge that he spends whole day watching videos of people who accepted this challenge. And he keeps pouring ice chilled water over himself on an interval of two hours. He remains soaked round the clock, constantly sneezing and coughing,” said a researcher working for WHO.

“Not only this, such people are completely aware about which Ice Bucket Challenge video is the cutest, which is the bravest, which is the silliest, which is the hottest and many more,” he added further.

Besides starting a Hot Bucket Challenge to raise awareness about IBS, WHO has also issued precautionary measures for people to save themselves and their loved ones from IBS.

“Hot Bucket Challenge is not exactly a challenge, it’s a more like a quarantine method. If you find any of your family members or friends roaming around refrigerator and looking for bucket after spending some time on internet, all you need to do is to pour slightly warm water over them. Because chances are pretty high that they are infected by IBS,” read one of the precautionary measures.