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Odd-Even number plates will not work in Bangalore as in some cases people starting on Monday have reached Whitefield on Tuesday

08, Dec 2015 By dasu

Bangalore: Recently as part of #savewhitefield campaign, residents staying in Asia’s longest traffic red light area met Karnataka Minister KJ George.

Bangloreans trying to explain to  the authorities the difference between good roads and patchwork
Bangloreans trying to explain to the authorities the difference between good roads and patchwork

According to our sources, like in Delhi allowing vehicles with odd & even numbers on alternate days was discussed during the meeting.

But many techies who stay in other parts of Bangalore and travel to Whitefield daily to work in various IT parks located there have objected to this idea.

One of the techie Sreepan B spoke to us on the condition of anonymity. Sreepan said, “I stay in Nandhini layout which is close to 40 kilometers from my office. Sometimes I will have client meetings early morning as most of our big customers are headquartered in China & Japan. As such our clients are very punctual and they would like to start meeting on time.”

“On top of it my manager who does not believe in working from home concept like our PM, would have reminded me to be on time for these client calls and attend from office along with my team members. Only good part was these weekly calls are scheduled on Tuesday morning India time and to be on time, I will start from home on Monday afternoon. Thanks to my manager who is very much understanding about Bangalore traffic would allow me to work from road on Monday.”

“What I love about Bangalore is the way it has forced us to adapt to these challenges. Can you believe a person like me who has never seen sunrise throughout my student career, many times waken up during sunset & got confused this with sunrise. Here I am, see the sunrise while I am on my car near kundalahalli signal every Tuesday. I do not forget to call my Papa at that hour, who feels proud that I wake up so early to do my job,” he said.

Sreepan added, “If this rule is applicable, after midnight traffic police will stop me. Then tell me how I will attend this all important call. There are no public transports which will ensure I can reach office so early.”

When we suggested that the traffic density will come down. Sreepan said that this might work somewhere, not in Whitefield area which has vehicle density almost 10 times more than the poor roads can handle.

Sreepan said, “These overnight trips are taking a toll on my health. Next year either I will change my residence or my manager.”