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Odd-even success story: boy and girl fall in love due to the new traffic rule in Delhi

11, Jan 2016 By manithan

Odd-Even wala love

New Delhi: Many experts are debating whether the odd-even traffic formula for plying of vehicles on roads in Delhi has been a success or failure. Although the formula was implemented to cut down on pollution, the metrics being adopted to measure its success are myriad – from dip in traffic congestion to rise in Delhi’s spirits.

Keeping in line with this phenomenon, Faking News has concluded that odd-even formula has been a success as we have got the following success story from a resident of Delhi:

Ankit, a 28 yrs old executive working in Connaught Place, Delhi has found the love of his life Priya thanks to the odd-even policy.

“You have to believe this. We met each other because of Arvind Kejriwalji and his odd-even policy”, blushed Ankit as he started telling us his story.

Ankit started explaining, “To be frank, I’m not sure if it is January 6 when I first met her. But for sure, it was an even day. And I had only one car, Nano. Good thing was I had a registration number that ended in 3. As I was driving to my office, I could see a couple of young volunteers standing by the road side. When my car neared them, I saw this very beautiful girl. Like any respectable Indian, I started staring at the girl but then I panicked a little when she suddenly asked me to stop the car. I looked around to confirm there is no muscle man around who could be her brother and beat me up and then I applied the brakes. My fears were baseless as when I stopped the car, she started walking slowly towards my car with a rose in her hand. I felt like being in DDLJ movie and that my Kajol is coming towards this Shahrukh Khan.”

Suddenly, Ankit makes the usual SRK style of stretching two hands like how a cricket umpire would show for wide ball. “I could do this now here, but was unable to do it inside my car. She tapped the window and I opened it.”

Picking up the story from here, Priya added, “And then I said ‘Sir, you are driving an odd numbered car on Even day. Please take public transport on even days’ he just kept staring blankly at me so I thought maybe he doesn’t understand English. I repeated the suggestion in Hindi and even added a few abuses to ensure a Delhiite understands but he kept staring blankly. Alarmed by his behavior, I threw the rose inside the car and came back.”

At this point Ankit smilingly added, “That was the 1st day we met. After that I became determined to get a rose from her till the end of this scheme. So, I begged and took my friend’s car which ended in Even number, on Odd days. Till January 15, I was able to get ten roses from her. After the 1st day’s hesitation, I even managed to start speaking to her and by the 4th day, I had her phone number.”

“He was so determined to get Roses from me. He would come in odd car on even day and even car on odd day and would not open his glass when other volunteers went up to him to give rose. I liked his determination and persistence and shared my phone number with him. Thankfully, he doesn’t become tongue tied over the phone so we could speak freely”, said Priya.

When we asked them what they think of pollution levels in the city after the odd-even scheme, Ankit slammed us for looking at the negatives instead of positives like his love story.