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Office jerk promoted to asshole after developing an American accent

10, Nov 2013 By Sandeep Kadian

Bangalore. Munish Tyagiraja, widely acknowledged as the biggest “jerk” in WTF Infotech, has now been given the tag of an “asshole” by his colleagues. This promotion has been granted after Munish started speaking in an American accent after his 15-days tour to the USA last month.

Munish, who is working as a Project Manager at WTF has been considered the biggest jerk in office ever since he joined the company.  He has somehow managed to rub every employee the wrong way, but the recent addition of the American accent has made him totally intolerable as per his colleagues.

American Accent book
This was recovered from Munish’s desk

Speaking to Faking News, HR assistant Akanksha said, “He has always been rude and vulgar. Even during the interview he was very very arrogant, but we had to recruit him. He is the son-in-law of one of the directors and you know how we treat sons-in-law in this country. But this recent addition of American accent is what has made him a complete asshole. How did he even get an accent after just 15 days is beyond me.”

Project Engineer Mahesh, who reports to Munish, said “He was already the biggest douchebag in the office earlier, but now he is irritating beyond belief. He doesn’t know anything about what we do here, yet points out faults in my work all the time. Now, he has started pointing out flaws in my pronunciation as well!”

Saala how can anyone pick up an accent in 15 days? I am sure he is just acting to look like a pompous ass. By the way, I was the one supposed to go on that training but this asshole project manager bypassed me and went himself,” he added.

When we mentioned to Munish that his colleagues have now started calling him an asshole, he said, “Oh they are simply jealous of me! American accent is a sign of a cool, rich, and successful person. I have it and they don’t, and this is what makes them jealous.”

“I have always been a quick learner and if I learned the American accent in 15 days, then why are they surprised? My talent yo! Instead of feeling jealous, they should take inspiration from me,” the asshole added.

Meanwhile, the peon in the office, Jai Singh was heard muttering, “Amreeki accent.. Saala Nautanki.. Went to New York and developed accent from Texas…”