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Office losers still trying to get fresh with girl who cracked a non-veg joke that day

24, May 2010 By Pagal Patrakar

Noida, Uttar Pradesh. Two weeks have passed since Swati, 24, cracked a rather cheeky joke during an office party, but she can still find office losers smiling at her for no apparent reasons other than that joke in all probability. Losers are attempting hard to start a dialogue with her and try to bring Sherlyn Chopra in the conversation, a Bollywood actress about whom Swati had passed a remark, which was deemed as bold, non-veg, mast, phaadu, etc. by her bosses and colleagues, making her the center of attraction since then.

“All I had said was – men hardly look at Sherlyn’s face when she is on screen – and since then all of these losers are looking at my face.” rued Swati, who now has to reluctantly exchange smiles and pleasantries even with those people whom she had never interacted with for the whole eighteen months of her current employment, either for personal or professional reasons.

Sherlyn Chopra posing for animals
Many losers confessed that they had imagined Swati perched upon her workstation like Sherlyn Chopra in the above picture after she had cracked the joke

But losers believe Swati is ‘approachable’.

Mast ladki hai!” said Sapan, the HR executive who had to be lifted by three men and dropped to his home after he got too sloshed up during that office party. Sapan has asked Swati for coffee three times since then, and is hopeful of joining her soon as he collates the performance appraisal forms.

Other losers, who have been trying hard but are not so hopeful, find Swati partial in her treatment towards men.

“She cracked a joke with her boss but maintains a distance with us.” complained the store manager, who wonders why Swati would always send a housekeeping guy to fetch stationary like file-folders and pins if she could as well walk down to his cubicle to collect those.

“Such kinds of girls use such cheap tricks to get promotion.” complained another loser, who feels Swati purposely averts her eyes when he is looking at her continuously, while she keeps an eye contact with her boss while talking.

“She did smile at me once after the party but now she just avoids me. Why, because I’m just a junior sales guy?” added the loser, who had forwarded many pictures of Sherlyn Chopra in bikinis to Swati the next day after the party.

While Swati is mulling over cutting down her exchange of pleasantries even further, female colleagues of Swati believe that she had purposely cracked that joke and had been secretly enjoying all the attention that she has received since then.

“She has become the favorite of the bosses now, why would she worry? I heard she was working late in the office yesterday with the vice-president. God knows what’s happening.” said a concerned Nidhi with a disapproving frown on her face.

Swati is planning to avoid the next office party, sources inform.