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On World Toilet Day, Mumbai gets its first Toilet-on-Wheels

19, Nov 2014 By @jurnoleast

Mumbai. It is a well known fact that lakhs of commuters use Mumbai local trains for travelling and an equal number of people use the rails for relieving themselves each morning.

To tackle this issue, Indian Railways, through the Government’s Swachchh Bharat campaign, plans to introduce its first Toilet-on-Wheels train service in Mumbai.
This train will have 18 coaches of toilets only and the service will run 5 trains in the morning starting from 5.30 with a gap of 30 mins, so that people living along the tracks do not have to defecate on tracks.

Pictorial representation of a man waiting for toilet-on-wheels to arrive.
Pictorial representation of a man waiting for toilet-on-wheels to arrive.

Munnalal, a Bangladeshi immigrant who is residing in Mumbai for the last 10 years between Bandra and Mahim says, “This service is a blessing. Earlier we had to memorize the train timings and then time our bowel movements accordingly. But now it will be much better. Earlier it was also very embarrassing for us as we had to cover our face every time a ladies compartment passed us, but not any more.”
Regarding the services, there will be 14 normal toilets and 4 first class toilets. the first class toilets will be equipped with wifi and mobile charger. A store inside the train will sell laxatives, just in case.
Also keeping in mind conservation of water, people who wish to use this service will have to make their own arrangements for washing off and are expected to carry a bucket of water at least.
A senior official who spoke to our correspondent said, “This service will kill three birds with one stone. First it will boost PM’s Swachchh Bharat campaign, second it will help IRCTC to provide better services.”
When asked about the third thing, he replied, “You see opposition has been very critical of our initiatives lately. They say all new campaigns and yojanas are named after the PM, which is unfair. So to keep them happy, we are planning to name this service as Rahul Gandhi Rail Shauchalay Yojana.”
FN View: Well this does look like a good initiative but we will have to wait for some time as no politician from any party wants to lend his name to this service, so who will flag off this toilet-on-wheels? Maybe Ajit Pawar!