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One spelling for Agarwals, Agrawals, Agrawalas, Agarwalas and Aggarwals, CJI Gogoi’s last big case before retiring

15, Nov 2019 By Santosh Pradhan

New Delhi. Outgoing Chief Justice of India Ranjan Gogoi will demit office on November 17. After delivering the Ayodya Verdict and the RTI verdict, Gogoi will hear his last case and will give judgment on one spelling for all Agarwals.

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Agarwals have many different spellings and it has become confusing for document keepers to spell the name correctly. There are so many errors in Aadhar Cards, Driving Licenses, and other documents where the entries have the wrong spelling of Agarwals. Two Agarwals living in two different societies have different spellings of Agarwal. Some have it as Agarwal, some have Agarwala, Agraval, Aggarwal, Agrawala. Etc.

Gogoi’ judgment on the spelling case will be the biggest in Indian history and news channels have started hiring extra staff to cover the judgment. There will be a national holiday on 16th November when the hearing will take place. Crores of Agarwals across the world will be glued on their television sets to watch the verdict.

Home Ministry has ordered strict security measures to deal with any untoward incidents after the verdict. Srivastavs are unhappy as even they are facing the same problem for a long time. Srivastawa, Srivastav, Srivastava, and others also want a single surname for the whole community. Let’s see if Gogoi extends his stay to deliver one more historic judgment.