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Only respite for a single man is that his close friend is also single

05, Jul 2014 By idiot420

Bangalore. Only relief for Alok, a software engineer in his mid twenties with relationship status “single”, is that his close friend Ramesh is also single. This, after he realized that almost everyone else in his social circle was in some kind of a relationship.

“It is Ramesh’s relationship status, same to same as mine, which is stopping me from going insane. Everytime I feel down, I remember Ramesh. And some voice tells me – you are not alone,” said Alok, while explaining how important was Ramesh’s “single” status for him.

People are taking and comparing notes

Although both of them live in separate cities, but they often call each other to share their grief. “Sometimes I feel that I am equally important to Ramesh, as he is to me,” Alok continued.

On being asked if they motivate each other to get a girl, Alok half-heartedly said, “Yes, but not always.”

“We both want to get into a relationship with someone from other gender and in the same age-group, but at the same time, neither of us want to be the second one to do that,” he said.

“Suppose, if I motivate him too much, and he really manages to get into a relationship before me, then I will be all alone!” Alok described how he relationship between Ramesh and him was friendly, but “complicated”.

However, Alok says, he will leave no stones unturned to help Ramesh get a girlfriend once he himself get one.

Alok’s feelings towards this friendship are mutul.

A couple of months back, when an excited Ramesh informed Alok about how he talked continuously for 10 minutes with one of his female colleagues and most probably going out on a movie date with her, Alok immediately swung into action to save his own relationship with Ramesh.

“I searched that girl on Facebook, added her as a friend, found some some evidences of her flirting with another boy, took a snapshot and mailed it to Ramesh,” recalled Alok, how he successfully handled that tense situation. Later, Ramesh cancelled the date and had a call with Alok to share the grief.

Latest reports suggest that this friendship is going strong despite such occasion risks. Sources tell Faking News that last night Alok almost had a heart attack, when he called Ramesh and found him on some other call. But, he took a sigh of relief after Alok explained that he was talking to his mother.