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Outraged with increasing number of burglary attempts, dog returns bone to its owner

20, Oct 2015 By Beer & Biryani

New Delhi: In a bizarre turn of events, a domestic dog (Kaalia) from the capital city has reportedly returned its play-bone to the owner citing increasing number of burglary attempts at the owner’s house.

Outraged Kaalia after returning the play-bone to its owner
Outraged Kaalia after returning the play-bone to its owner

A visibly outraged Kaalia is believed to have been barking non-stop on its owner since yesterday owing to a sudden increase in its intolerance. The distraught dog attributes more than ten burglary attempts within a month as a reason for its loss of patience.

Speaking to Faking News, a dejected Kaalia said, “First thing is, my owner wants me to believe this bone is real. He has become so stingy that I get to eat my favorite snack just once a week these days. My kennel used to have excess Pedigree inventory but now it’s just empty bowls. What concerns me most is the increase in the number of burglary attempts, leading to an increase in the number of (my) barks per minute. This calls for more food, real bones and other rewards! Hope you got my point now.”

As we explored further, more facts were revealed. We were surprised to know that many dogs have been rejecting or returning bones from their owners since an year, giving “clash with the idea of peaceful colony” as reason.

Most dogs from the community believe government is responsible for the increase in burglary attempts which in-turn is causing the dogs to lose their cool and not perform their basic duty of watching owner’s property.

When we asked how these facts were logically related, the dogs ended with a question as they said, “Increase in job opportunities is leading to increase in number of job holders, leading to an increase in the number of people buying gold. Do you want to know more?”

Sources say, some advanced dogs have even started observing maun-vrat every night instead of barking at burglars to express their displeasure with unfortunate things happening in the colony.