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Paani puri walas to compulsorily stand next to chai-sutta walas for gender equality

12, Jan 2016 By dasu

Bangalore. Gender equality at workplace is now stepping outside the office premises. Women have now begun asking how come men easily find a chai-sutta (tea and cigarette) vendor close to offices while girls fail to spot a paani puri wala around all the time.

Following this realization, female workforce of one of the leading IT giants has started a movement to secure equality in this field. Neha, one of the key members of the newly formed ‘Pani Puri Lovers Association’ on Facebook, spoke to Faking News on the condition of anonymity.

Symbol of gender equality?

Neha said, “First of all I never understand why every IT company in electronics city demand their employees to be at office by 8:30 AM. When you are staying in a PG, every day you will have fight with your roomies for hot water. After rushing through to catch office cab, the usual routine starts. Our office cab driver to get more sympathy will switch on FM channel where radio jockeys will be saying same stuff every day, major traffic jam at silk board junction, Kundanahalli gate. Tell me what’s new about it and then the FM channel would be rubbing salt in our wounds by playing one after the other advertisements?”

“Once you reach office, again same routine stuff. Smokers can peacefully go for their Chai-Sutta break. I never understand these chai-sutta sellers sleep or not. 24 by 7 they are available to spoil the lungs. And there seems to be a monopoly. No other sellers are around. I like Pani Puri, I want to have it in the morning. Never understand this, why Pani Puris cannot be sold from the morning?” Neha put forward the demand.

“Do not know what great work these pani puri wallahs do in the morning, till 3 PM you cannot spot even one of them outside office gate. Once they come, boys and girls all pani puri lovers will encircle him as if he is a big celebrity who has come to give autographs. These will include some who have filled their lungs with big tars of smoke from morning.”

“The pani puri wallah does not factor the Bangalore traffic situation at all. We have to catch the return cab at 5:15 PM, so that we can reach by 8:30 PM before our PG owner locks the gate. He will take his own time to prepare the masala. I feel like that guy likes to teach everyone around him how to prepare the masala. After one round of service to people around him, he will invariably run out of masala. Again he will be starting his masala preparation by slowly peeling only two to three boiled potatoes.”

After putting forward more such arguments, Neha claimed that she was asking for all round availability of paan puri walas. “Secondly, when no ban is there on Pani Puri, why we have to go outside office gate to have it?” she further asked.