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Pakistan admits Hafiz Saeed's outfit is Lashkar Wing, Hafiz Saeed threatens to return his award

03, Nov 2015 By @jurnoleast

Islamabad: JuD Chief Hafiz Saeed is livid with the Pak government for admitting that his outfit is nothing but a Lashkar wing. The announcement was made by Pak authorities yesterday, after which Mr. Saeed held a rally in Islamabad and expressed his displeasure.

Hafiz Saeed getting nostalgic about the good old days in Pakistan
Hafiz Saeed getting nostalgic about the good old days in Pakistan

Addressing his supporters at the rally he said, “What is wrong with this Govt? They are calling a social reformer like me a terrorist. This is the limit. The rising intolerance in this country is worrying me. Today they have banned media from showing my speech, tomorrow they will ban me from making any speech.”

“If this government fails to respect my freedom of speech, then I will be forced to return my awards. I had received ‘best school boy’ when I was in 8th standard. I also got award for ‘most desirable and wanted man’ for last 3 consecutive years. I will return both the awards if Pak government goes ahead with its plan,” he threatened.

Many of his supporters were seen wearing black bands and carrying candles as mark of protest against the rising intolerance against their chief.

The top management at Lashkar however is not happy with Hafiz Saeed’s outrage. “These Candle light marches and black bands will ruin our image. Are we short of suicide bombers that we have to hold candles?” questioned the spokesperson of Lashkar.

Liberals in India too thought that the environment in Pakistan mimicked India considerably and citizens like Hafiz Saeed should be given the freedom to speak.

Meanwhile, some of his supporters also asked him to use a different route like producing and acting in a movie to shake off the negative image. “We are already planning to launch Hafiz Miyan in our next movie on the lines of ‘Messenger of God’ series. If nothing works at all, Mahesh Bhatt is always there,” said a supporter.