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Panchayat asks people to stop calling human genitals as "private parts"

20, Mar 2010 By Pagal Patrakar

Greater Noida. A Khap Panchayat has declared that human genitals should not be referred to as “private parts” anymore. The Panchayat has outlawed the term with immediate effect and has also asked others in the society to discontinue the practice.

The decision was taken after a meeting of senior members of the Bawli Bhakeda village Panchayat here, which was called to decide punishment for a young couple who were caught having sex in the paddy field.

Private Parts
Boochar Tau says that use of underpants at young age should give a sense of shame rather than a sense of privacy to a young kid

The couple, whose identity will be known only after their dead bodies are recovered, were awarded capital punishment for their heinous act. Sources inform that during the course of trial by the Panchayat, the boy, apparently 21-years-old studying in the local polytechnic college, had argued that it was none of the elders’ business to pry on his sexual life.

“Whom I’m sleeping with is a private matter, why are you guys concerned?” the unidentified boy had apparently retorted, which proved to be his last words.

After awarding capital punishment to the boy and his girlfriend, the Panchayat noted that the real problem lay in the mindset of younger generation, which made them believe that sex was a private matter. Panchayat members decided to address the root of the problem.

“Genitals must be addressed only as shame-shame-puppy-shame as has been the tradition. The modern education called them private-parts and hence the new generation has lost all shame and thinks it’s their private matter to use their genitals the way they like,” Boochar Tau, the chairman of Khap Panchayat, blamed the modern education for the mess.

Panchayat also announce that anyone using the term “private parts” to refer to the human genitals in the Bawli Bhakeda village be awarded with fifty lashes on his or her buttocks. Boochar Tau justified the punishment as a way to reinforce the assertion that there was nothing like a private part in one’s body.

Boochar Tau stopped short of laying a claim over the genitals of everyone in the society, but reiterated that this sense of privacy and exclusive ownership has to be replaced with a sense of shame to secure harmony in the country. He also appealed to the urban society to follow suit.

“It’s an interesting proposition. I’m not sure about the sense of shame, but the sense of privacy soon could go out of window,” said British Kandy, a sociologist, pointing out that modern technology and lifestyle are anyway shrinking the private spaces. “Boochar Tau is not completely out of sync with the modern times. He just needs to adapt himself a little,” he added.