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Pani-puri vendor demands extra money from customers claiming he wore gloves while serving

07, Oct 2015 By Beer & Biryani

Mumbai: A pani-puri vendor from the streets of Mumbai has reportedly demanded an additional Rs10 from its customers after claiming that he provided them better food safety while serving tangy pani-puris by putting his gloves on.

Now pay more for a hygienic pani puri
Now pay more for a hygienic pani puri

Here is the transcript of conversation our reporter had with the local pani-puri legend Chanchal; translated to English for wider audience.

Reporter: Namaste Chanchal Ji! So how’s your day going? Chanchal: Namaste. So far so good. If you excuse me, I can make a little more money today.

R: OK. So, would you give details on the menu? C: Sure. I hope you are here to eat and not window shop.

R: Of course, I’ll order in just a moment. C: Pani-puri, Bhel-puri, Dahi-puri, Paneer-puri, alu-puri, Rajma-puri and Chicken-puri with or without gloves.

R: What is ‘with or without gloves’? Can you explain? C: Dishes are served with or without gloves. With gloves, it costs Rs.10 more than without gloves.

R: What is the exact difference? C: When we serve with gloves, we make sure we serve you unadulterated pani-puri. In other words, Rs.10 is the price for caring for your health which excludes quality of water used in all our items.

R: But what is unadulterated here? C: When we serve puri without gloves, it is actually a mix of our sweat and spicy water. It has a unique taste; to be frank, a taste savored by most of our customers. Sometimes, the concoction becomes tastier with drippings from of the server’s dirty hands.

R: Thank you very much for the explanation. Is there any other ingredient that you think you forgot telling me? C: Hey, thanks for mentioning that. You might have observed the cut onions; they appear reddish sometimes. Would you like to know what that is?

The conversation ended here as our reporter decided to leave the place immediately before more revelations were made.

Sources say, thousands of pani-puri patrons consume what they cannot even imagine and hence, it is very important to be safe than sorry for having consumed the sweat mix.